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Nancy Aguilar Magsino, MD

Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology & Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery located in Katy, TX

Pregnancy is not only an incredibly exciting time but also one with many questions. You want a trusted provider to ensure you and your baby stay healthy throughout gestation and into delivery. Board-certified OB/GYN Nancy Magsino, MD, at Optimum Women's Care, PLLC, offers expert pregnancy care to her patients in Katy, Texas and the surrounding Houston area. Whether your pregnancy is low-risk or high-risk, the doctor guides you with the right screenings, prenatal support, and interventions, if required, to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible during your pregnancy. Call today if you’re pregnant or plan on trying to get pregnant soon. Alternatively, schedule using the online tool.

Pregnancy Q & A

What is pregnancy care?

Pregnancy encompasses all the support Dr. Magsino provides prior to, during, and after your delivery. During the nine months of your baby’s development, you receive prenatal care, an essential part of any healthy pregnancy.

No two pregnancies are the same and you benefit from personalized care whether this is your first child or your fourth. 

Why is prenatal care so important?

Prenatal care provides the screenings and support necessary to help your baby thrive during development in the womb. Regular prenatal visits monitor your baby’s development and can help prevent complications. If complications should arise, Dr. Magsino can identify them early — when they’re easiest to address.

In general, you’ll visit the doctor for prenatal visits:

  • Once per month during weeks 4-28
  • Once every two weeks during weeks 28-36
  • Once per week during weeks 36-40

Women with a high-risk pregnancy may require more frequent prenatal visits.

What happens during prenatal care?

Screening tests, such as regular ultrasounds and blood tests, provide valuable information about your health, your baby’s health, and the manner in which your pregnancy is progressing.

Prenatal visits are also a time for you to ask any questions that arise during pregnancy. Dr. Magsino can help you choose a superior prenatal vitamin, understand medications that are OK to take, craft a healthy eating plan, and maintain an exercise program.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy due to your age, multiple fetuses, a chronic disease, or a problem with your baby, Dr. Magsino provides the support that allows your pregnancy to progress as smoothly as possible.

Does pregnancy care follow through to delivery?

Pregnancy care includes support during delivery and in the immediate postnatal period. Dr. Magsino knows how your pregnancy has progressed and is present for the birth of your child. She can support complex deliveries and cesarean sections when needed.

Once your baby is delivered, you still require support in healing. Dr. Magsino is ready to help you adapt to motherhood as you recover from childbirth.  

If you’re pregnant or planning on adding to your family soon, call Optimum Women's Care, PLLC or schedule an appointment using the online tool.